Growing Australian SMEs benefit from business travel

For small and medium businesses, online communication and collaboration tools are a game-changer, saving time and breaking down barriers. From email to instant messaging, video conferencing, and interactive whiteboards, communicating has never been easier.

However, despite the affordability and increasing sophistication of these tools, some small and medium business owners still regularly travel for face-to-face meetings.

SmartCompany’s 2017 annual survey results reveal that 46 per cent of small business owners travel domestically and 28 per cent internationally up to five times each year. Twenty-seven per cent travel domestically, and 7 per cent internationally, more than five times each year.

 “Digital is great from a day to day perspective, but from a relationship perspective face-to-face meetings are imperative,” said co-founder Dannielle Michaels.

Business travel benefits: beyond growth

It’s now easier than ever before for small business owners and their employees to travel, with the ease of access to business travel programs that take the hassle out of travel booking, save money and provide access to rewards that benefit managers and employees.

There are new programs in the marketplace now especially focused on small to medium size business.  Preferential discounts and reward systems for anyone who needs to keep the human connection of their business thriving.

B-Stay is a program founded by Next Hotel & Resorts, offering great discounts on accommodation packages around Australia.  Cathay Pacific’s Business Plus program allows business passengers to accrue and earn points to receive rewards.

Make the most from travel: perks, support and more

Being on the ground offers the opportunity to share a coffee, better understand culture, and create meaningful connections. It can also invigorate your enthusiasm for your business while squeezing in a little sightseeing.

Tax deductions are also available to SME owners who travel, though it’s important to ask yourself whether the money spent is directly related to earning an income and ensure you can provide evidence of the money spent.

It can be tempting to rely on digital communication, however there’s no better connection than business travel and face-to-face meetings for developing, expanding and improving your business.